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Role UX/UI
Date September 2017

I was a part of the design team on the UX and UI part of the website redesign. In addition, I worked alongside a researcher/content strategist and 3 developers.

Icon Illustrations for Website
Illustative graphics

What to Improve & Goals

The website struggled to scale alongside the growth of the company. Fundamental usability was challenged. Product availability, features and support was not in focus. Website reliability and performance issues were the main concerns.

The main goal for the website was to update the design and make users see the products and find all the needed information about the products. However, we were not trying to revert to a simple past. Our ambitions were to create a foundation that embraced a quick evolving business and diverse user base.

Homepage Design

Product Page Design

Buying digital product

Begin by Listening to Your Customers

Our goals were to understand the challenges users face and find what the competitors don’t offer to the users.

Company didn’t have a clear mission or specific goals for the pickup experience. Without pre-existing insights, I conducted a survey on the website to categorize the users and learn more about them. Furthermore, copmetitve reasearch was made.

Designing User Interface for digital product shop

Visual Solution

From a visual standpoint, website was designed to be responsive and completely independent. Throughout working on the project, there were more than 30-plus screens and additional pop-up screens designed.


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